Stamp River Reels
The Reels
Machining of each Stamp River Reel is precision machined to exact tolerances and finishes.
At this point Dan has 3" trout reels available, and he has spey reels ready for production.
Stamp River Reels is located in Port Alberni, fishing capital of the world! 
Dan, creator of Stamp River Reels, is a retired fire chief, machinist, and fanatic fly fisherman, who decided to take on another project and started to build his own reels.
I am very happy to own one of the first Stamp River trout reels, which are true pieces of functional perfection! - Vincent W.
Your little reel has been given a thorough work out.  The fish pull hard and the drag works great.  I've been fishing 5 lb fluoro and the drag prevents over running, but still protects the light tippet just fine.  In my opinion the drag couldn't be much better - Dan L.
 This reel, limited in numbers, is pure quality and will be a collector's must-have - Garry S. 
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